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How to set a goal - and reach it!

I'm always talking about how I help other people reach their goals, so I thought I would give you a step by step example of how exactly I reach my own goals. I've been setting and achieving goals for 20 years now, and I believe that smart and intentional goal setting is the secret tool that I've used to create my dream life!

So, one of my goals right now is to become fluent in Spanish. Let me break down the process of getting there:

Step 1. Discover my WHY. Why so I truly want this goal? Well, I've traveled a LOT in Latin countries. I've backpacked all around Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, and I've lived in Chile and in Colombia teaching English. And, now I live in Mexico because I have an online business, so I can live anywhere.

I deeply admire and respect Mexicans and other Latin people. They have a warmth, friendliness, openness and a simple love of life that I just have so much admiration for. I want to be able to connect with these beautiful souls as deeply as I can, and the best way to do that is to learn Spanish!

Step 2. I put myself in the environment I need to reach my goal. I did this by moving to Mexico. But not just that - I make an effort to get out of the tourist and expat bubble here in Playa del Carmen, where everyone speaks English. I joined a local martial arts gym, started volunteering at a local dog shelter, and made a conscious effort to get to know Mexicans who I run into on a regular basis.

Step 3. I created a daily habit that gets me closer to my goal. This is the most important step. The best way to reach your goals is to take action toward them, and the best way to take action is to create a daily habit that gets you to your goal!

I started the daily habit of practicing Spanish grammar for 15 minutes each morning. I hate the grammar part - it's boring! But that's why I put that 15 minute time limit on it. 15 minutes is do-able, and when it's over, I've feel good about myself for getting it done.

Step 4. Make it FUN!!

Having fun with my boyfriend - Mexican men are so romantic!

When I was living in Medillín, Colombia, I went to a Spanish meetup, where locals and tourists would get together to practice Spanish. Almost immediately, I noticed a really hot guy. I went up to him and introduced myself in Spanish. We talked a bit, flirted a bit, and then later went out salsa dancing. The whole night, we were talking in Spanish. And it was SO much fun!

There are so many reasons why I LOVE speaking in Spanish. I love learning how to roll my R's, calling people all kinds of affectinate names in Spanish like mamacita, and adding "-ito" to everything (despacito, suavecito, etc)

I watch movies and TV shoes in Spanish, and I've gotten super into telenovelas. I listen to music in Spanish (I'm a HUGE fan of reggaeton even though it's super cheesy). Sometimes I go salsa dancing and flirt a little in Spanish... Find ways to make your goal FUN! You may have to put in some time doing boring stuff like learning the grammar, but you can also find ways to make it fun. This will make the journey of going after your goals a lot more enjoyable. You want to enjoy the journey, not just try to get to the end result as fast as you can.

When you combine these tips for smart and intentional goal setting with the power of accountability, then the sky's the limit on what you can achieve!

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