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How to Build a Healthy Habit in 3 Steps

I've been meditating EVERY DAY for more than 10 years.

Here's how I built the habit:

Step 1. I used a Habit Tracker to write down if I meditated every day, and for how long

Step 2. I had my life coach hold me accountable - I showed him the Habit Tracker each week.

Step 3. I tied my meditation to an existing habit - my morning shower. Each day after I took my shower, I would sit down to meditate. Eventually I didn't need the Habit Tracker anymore - after my shower I would sit down to meditate without even thinking about it.

That's it! That's all I needed to do to build a new habit. And I'm so grateful for my daily meditation practice - it has made me more calm, more peaceful, more in control of my emotions, more in touch with myself, more touch with the Universe... the benefits go on and on.

Now I can tap into a mindful state anytime I need to - even in the middle of swimming in a cenote like in this picture!

Here is an example of a Habit Tracker that you can use. Fill out the top with one, two or three healthy habits that you want to build (Don't do more than 3). Then find someone to hold you accountable, and start keeping track!

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