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Coaches: You CAN do this full-time!

Coaches: I want you to know that it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT possible to coach full-time.

You do NOT need to keep your 9-5 or start any sort of "side hustle"

I know because I'm doing it, and so are the amazing coaches in my community. If we can do it, then YOU can do it too!

It helps to have the the right mindset. Take your coaching seriously and treat it like a full-time job. Trust that you can do this full-time. Never let that trust go away!!

If you have to temporarily work another job in the beginning while you're starting out, that's fine! But keep your eye on the prize. The job you have now is just a temporary one on your path to becoming a coach.

I want to share my life before and after I became a coach, to help inspire you and show you how I did it...

I used to work in the residential solar industry, doing lead generation and sales. I was the Marketing Manager at my last job and was in charge of the entire lead generation team. I was making a lot of money, and I was on the path to buying a house within a few years.

I was happy more or less, but I wasn't truly happy. My work was stressful and took up a lot of my time. It was my sole responsibility to make sure the salesperson's calendar was full of appointments each day, so there was the daily stress of making that happen.

My company was actually pretty cool and flexible, and I was able to negotiate a bit of freedom into my schedule - I started work at 10 instead of 9, and one time I took a 3 week unpaid sabbatical so I could travel to Vietnam.

But I still didn't quite have the freedom I craved. I couldn't travel long term. I couldn't work remotely and I had to come into the office every day. Every day felt the same: alarm clock, commute, work, commute, home, dinner, TV, bed...

Covid gave me the push that I needed, and I finally quit. Quitting took a huge leap of faith, and it was scary! I ended up starting a life coaching business on whim. I had a life coach one time who truly helped me change my life, work on my goals, and develop a daily meditation habit (which I still do more than 10 years later!) I wanted to see if I could help other people change their lives, too. I didn't know if it would work, but I'm an entrepreneur and I've started businesses before, so I figured I'd give it a try!

I got my certification, started out by coaching several clients for free for a month, and then I started charging a really low price, 300 a month. Then I raised it to 500... then I invested in a 10k business coaching program and learned how to do high ticket sales. I designed the Goal Boss coaching program, put together an amazing community of folks who are all working toward their goals together, started making 6k months... and everything took off from there.

And now I have the Roadmap to starting and growing a coaching business, so I'm helping other coaches reach epic levels of freedom too! So that's my journey in a nutshell. Want to change your own story? It all starts with a leap of faith - scary, but so worth it.

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