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3 Steps to Attract Clients on Facebook

I see a lot of amazing coaches and healers on Facebook posting incredible offers like coaching programs, workshops, and super valuable posts. But these amazing posts don't always reach as many people as you'd like. Why not?

Because you either don't have enough people on your friends list, or you have a lot of people but they're not engaged (and they're not even seeing your content).

Your friends list should be full of the people who need your help. That way, when you make a post, the right people will see it. If you're posting about a coaching program or an offer like a free workshop, these people will get a chance to connect with you - and you'll start filling up your calendar will calls!

If your reach is small, here are a few things you can do:

  • Be on the lookout for the people who need your help - you can find them in the right Facebook groups, through your network, or from the suggested friends area.

  • Visit their page and see if something sparks your interest. For example, I LOVE traveling. So whenever someone has a cool travel cover photo, I love to ask them where it's from and how their trip went!

  • When someone sparks your interest, then start a conversation! Send them a friend request and a message telling them why they sparked your interest, asking permission to friend request them, and starting an interesting conversation.

After a while, the Facebook algorithm will start to work with you, and the people who'd love your help will start showing up on your page and in your suggested friends area. This is HUGE!! Your dream clients will literally start being drawn to your profile. The more you do it, the less effort you have to put into it, because the algorithm starts to take over. The Facebook algorithm is incredibly powerful - it is creepy but SO effective. And it's already working every time you make a post - so you may as well learn how to work with it!

Now, make a post introducing yourself and how you serve others. You will get way more responses, because your page is full of aligned people who you've already connected with!

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