of your life.

If you're feeling stuck and looking for a change, or if you know what your goals are, but you're not quite sure how to start on them - I can help you figure it out. Together, we'll create a plan to get you from where you are now to where you'd like to be.

about me


Hi! I’m Laura. I’m a person who has created their ideal life and never looked back. I've travelled all over the world, started two businesses, and become an expat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

As a coach I help people do what I have done. Figure out what you want in life, and then set the right goals to get you there.

believe in love, acceptance, being open-minded, self-improvement, setting goals, pushing myself, and living my life to the fullest.



"How to go from a million thoughts to ideas to a plan for an extraordinary life filled with purpose and bliss? One word - Laura. 

Her coaching has been nothing short of an amazing and satisfying journey of becoming the best I could be. 

I can not thank her enough for her intuitive guidance, undying dedication and individual vision that is so unique and special! 
If you have been looking for that special someone to help guide you, hold you accountable and excited about your best life, in all areas you are looking to see improvement, she is the one."


—  Manuela, Business Strategist


          This program is for you if you already have a goal or two in mind, but you've struggled to achieve it in the past and feel "stuck". Maybe you don't know which steps to take. Maybe you're not sure what to do first. Maybe you work best when you have someone to hold you accountable. Or maybe you just feel stuck! (I said it twice because it’s so common!)

          This is a results-driven program, so be ready! I'll walk you through my specific process that I use to achieve my own goals. We will create your own personalized roadmap to achieve what you want, and we'll work through it together. I'll be at your side for the duration of the program, providing support, guidance and accountability while you work toward your goal.

       You will leave this program with:


  • Significant progress made toward your goal

  • Your future steps toward your goal mapped out

  • Strategies to overcome any obstacles in the future

  • The feelings of power and confidence that come from going after your dreams.

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frequently asked questions

Are you curious about getting a life coach, and wondering how it could enhance your life? Here are some of my most frequently asked questions.


How can a Life Coach help me?


When you hire a coach, you have someone in your life who is focused on helping you achieve your goals, and who is 100% committed to your success.


Sure, you could do it on your own, but a coach will help you get there faster. A coach will also keep you focused when you come across obstacles. Having someone holding you accountable each week as you work toward your goals is invaluable.

A Life Coach can be especially helpful to someone who is unhappy with their life, someone who is looking to make a big change or transition, or someone who wants to reach a goal, but feels stuck.

Many coaching clients are ambitious entrepreneurs or creative people. Many of the most successful people in the world use a coach.

Hiring a Life Coach will help you if you are ready to commit to working on your goals. So before you shell out for a Life Coach, take some time to think about if you’re truly willing to commit to changing your life. Change is scary, and not everyone is ready for it yet! My goal is to get you results - are you ready?


If you're ready for it, a Life Coach can help you improve all areas of your life. Want to build confidence, improve your relationships, or quit smoking? Or do you need help with your career, help with anxiety, or to lose weight? A life coach will help you look at all areas of your life, and then work with you while you make those improvements.

What is the purpose of a Discovery Call?

The first purpose of the Discovery Call is for you to see if life coaching is something you’re interested in, and how that would benefit you. Many people have never heard of a Life Coach before, so this is a chance to test the waters.


The second purpose is for you and I to both see if we would be a good fit. This is a chance for you to experience my coaching style, without any obligation or commitment.

What can I expect during the Discovery Call?


I will ask questions about you and your goals. I'll help you figure out which goals you'd like to focus on, and why. I'll ask about what's been holding you back from accomplishing these goals. I'll help you figure out your options and your next steps, and we'll talk about how I can support you in reaching your goals.

How can I prepare for a Discovery Call?

Do some brainstorming about which goals are most important to you right now. Do you have the time and mental energy right now to commit to working on these goals? Think about what you'd like to eliminate from your life, and what you'd like to add to it. 

How do I choose the length of my coaching program?

Coaching programs vary from 1-6 months. Think about your goal and how long it will take to get there. While you're in a coaching program, you have my constant support as you work toward your goals. How long do you need that support for, in order to reach your goal?

My objective is not to coach you forever - it's to help you start the momentum of working on your goals. For most people, getting started is usually the hardest part. I want to set you up for success, then work with you until you don't need me anymore.

How do I hire you as a coach?


Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call so we can get to know each other and talk about your goals. This will be on Zoom. If we decide to proceed, we will then choose a set time each week for coaching sessions (ie Mondays at 10am) and the length of your program (1-6 months). 

What’s the difference between a Life Coach and a therapist?


Therapy helps you heal from the past, and life coaching focuses on your present and your future.

Life coaches are not certified therapists, so if you have unresolved issues in your past, you may be referred to a therapist instead of a coach.


If you suffer from depression or severe anxiety, I would refer you to a therapist. But if your anxiety is mild or moderate, I can help you implement the tools to manage it. Only a therapist can completely help you overcome anxiety.

Do I need a Life Coach near me?


Not necessarily. Most life coaches offer online sessions, and it’s something that can easily be done online. Many coaches are online, and I personally provide both online and in-person sessions.

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